Pay all your team any time you want, with dopay.

Seven Important Reasons to Join dopay Today!

Welcome to the next one of our blog series on the seven important reasons to join dopay today to start your smart journey to a cashless payroll. This blog features Reason #5.

Join dopay today – Reason #5 You can pay your team any time you want.

If you have regular responsibility for payroll – as a business owner, HR person, financial controller, or bookkeeper – you know that paying employees physically, with cash, makes demands on your time and can mean unwanted limitations. For example, you may need to have extra cash available before a holiday period.  And if you have a large team, payday may mean queues in the office and wasted time for everyone.

Pay 24 hours a day, seven days a week

Evenings, weekends or holidays. With dopay you can pay your employees and beneficiaries at any time that suits you, as long as you have the funds ready in your dopay account. After payment approval, your team has access to their money in seconds.

You can even schedule your payments ahead of payday, so you don’t have to be in the office for your people to get paid. You can enter individual payment amounts per person and then choose the time you want the money to transfer. Do it all with dopay for business. Or if you want to enter a batch of payments instantly, for example when paying a large team, simply upload a salary file from your own system.

To recap, the advantages are very clear:

  • You and your employees can be certain that payments will be made reliably.
  • You can choose the payment time and the platform will action it automatically.
  • You are free from having to make up individual cash payments.
  • Weekends and holidays are no longer a problem – you can pay with dopay when the banks are closed.
  • You can schedule payments at a future date for extra flexibility.
  • After you approve payment, employees can access their money in seconds.
  • Employees don’t have to queue on your premises to get paid.
  • Employees don’t have to queue at the bank to get physical cash ahead of weekends and holidays.
  • You save time and increase business productivity.

So, you can pay your team whenever it suits you. And you can be certain that’s going to suit them too and make their lives so much easier!

Find out more about how dopay can help drive your business success at or click the link to get in touch with us and start your journey to handling your payroll the smart way. The dopay way!

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