We’re dopay.

We’re a young, exciting, innovative, and fast-growing international team of thinkers, creators, and technologists.

We connect businesses and people with fast, convenient, and rewarding options to pay and get paid.

And we’re working constantly to develop new ways to make their financial lives easier and more fulfilling.

Today, businesses can run ‘payroll without the bankroll’, with a hassle-free way of paying all team members quickly and easily.

Employees get paid without having to wait for a physical pay packet.

They can access their wages 24/7 in cash from any ATM. And take part in the world of e-commerce, by making card purchases – enabled by Mastercard – at millions of merchants.

Our range of services is growing. We will soon be offering Instant Salary, giving employees early access to earned wages, for extra flexibility and convenience.

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We’re driving economies, growing choices, and responding to financial aspirations in frontier economies.

In our first market of Egypt, we have hundreds of active businesses of all sizes. We’re dopay, the people who identify and deliver opportunity in financial innovation.