Cashless convenience
for ALL

The dopay card.
Key to a great cashless experience.

From 24/7 ATM wages withdrawal to electronic purchases in hundreds of shops. All payees, no matter what they earn, can access the cashless economy with their prepaid dopay card.

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dopay card payee benefits

Discover how dopay adds value – for every employee with every payment

No-hassle card issue
From security clearance to drop-off or collection, dopay card issuing is seamless and user friendly.
Wages 24/7 via ATM
Forget queuing to get paid, or at the bank, or not being able to access cash during weekends and holidays.
More places, more choices
Every retailer accepting Mastercard takes digital payment by dopay card, creating new choices and benefits.

It’s so easy to get
paid with dopay

With dopay, the move to cashless payroll is as seamless and flexible for your employees and beneficiaries as it is for your business.

From the moment they receive their first wages, loaded onto their dopay prepaid cards, your team are ready to enjoy the cashless experience.

Start transforming your team’s payroll experience now!

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Here for your business with your own dedicated Customer Success Manager. Here for your team with our friendly 24/7 dopay Card Users’ Helpline.

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