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Seven Important Reasons to Join dopay Today!

Welcome to the final feature in our blog series on the seven important reasons to join dopay today to start your smart journey to a cashless payroll. This blog explains Reason #7.

Join dopay today – Reason #7 You don’t have to open a new bank account to use dopay

You want all the advantages of speed, easy usage and smooth payroll process that dopay for business brings. BUT … You don’t want the hassle of opening a new bank account for payroll payments. Even with fast-track service, opening a new account will typically take a month. And it can be much longer. With dopay for business, you will find that things are very different!

To start, you can use your existing bank account to work alongside our platform. In practice, that means there is no need to open a new bank account. Forget waiting 30 days or more. We can set up your dopay for business platform in just 24 hours! Yes, one working day. That’s correct.

Once we have the background information on your business, including the usual tax and registration details, we take care of the onboarding process. If we receive your business details on a working day, you’ll normally be up and running with dopay for business by the end of the next working day.

As soon as your business is on our system, you can transfer funds to the dopay for business platform from your existing bank account. And if you transfer before 3pm each working day, the money will be in your dopay payroll account the same day. Then you can go ahead and pay your staff and beneficiaries any time you want. Instantly.

Let’s recap on these powerful dopay for business advantages to your business:

  • Convenience ­– There is no need to open a new bank account to use dopay for business. You can use your existing business account immediately.
  • Speed – You don’t have to wait weeks or months for a bank to organise a new account.
  • 24hour Turnaround – With the correct paperwork in place, we will normally have your dopay for business payroll platform up and running in one working day.
  • Works Immediately – You can transfer funds onto the platform straightaway, as soon as it is activated, and you can start scheduling and making payments.
  • Same Day Transfers – If you make a transfer before 3pm on a business day, the funds transfer into your dopay account the same day.
  • Transparency – We notify you automatically, every time you transfer funds into dopay for business. And you can easily view your balance and a record of all payments transactions, at any time.
  • Value for Your Money – It’s your money! So, we don’t add charges when you make payments, and your funds can be used instantly after transfer into dopay for business.

We believe these are convincing reasons for your business to think about dopay for business seriously. Find out more about how dopay can help drive your business success at or click the link to get in touch with us and start your journey to handling your payroll the smart way. The dopay way!

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