Now you can issue dopay cards, powered by Mastercard

Seven Important Reasons to Join dopay Today!

In our blog series, we’re talking about the seven important reasons to join dopay today, to start your smart journey to a cashless payroll. This time we focus on Reason #2.

Join dopay today – Reason #2. You can issue dopay cards, powered by Mastercard. 

You can issue a dopay card to every employee or other beneficiary on your dopay cashless payroll. The key benefits include purchases in shops accepting Mastercard and cash withdrawals 24/7 from any ATM across Egypt.

Everyone on your dopay for business cashless payroll will benefit immediately from the great features that dopay and Mastercard have to offer. Let’s look at those benefits in more detail:

Cash withdrawals from any ATM across Egypt. So, there’s no more standing in the bank queue to deposit and take out cash and no more risk of running out of physical money, if employees don’t make it to the bank before a weekend or holiday.

Use the card at any shop in Egypt that accepts Mastercard.

Employees can choose what they want to purchase and use their dopay card to pay. If the shop accepts Mastercard, the transaction will be instant, secure and hassle-free. Your employees will enjoy the experience and all the convenience that it brings to them.

Choose your own PIN code.

Each employee with a dopay card gets to choose and set their own PIN code. So, they are empowered with choice, security, and peace of mind. And they no longer need to worry about storing, carrying and handling physical cash.

Receive instant notifications after each transaction.

It can be hard to keep a record of how much is being spent, and on what, when every transaction is cash based. All dopay card users receive a notification instantly via their mobile device, every time they withdraw money or make a Mastercard-enabled purchase. So, they can be confident that it’s easy to track spending and know exactly how much money they have left.

To summarise, a dopay card powered by Mastercard gives each of your team a reliable, easy and enjoyable experience, from getting paid through to withdrawing their wages and spending them. Queuing at the bank is a thing of the past. And running out of money before a weekend or holiday is no longer a worry.

These great benefits are just the start of what we offer with dopay. We’re adding new functions and possibilities all the time! Find out more at or click the link to get in touch with us and start your journey to handling your payroll the smart way. The dopay way!

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