Getting your dopay cards is so fast and easy!

Seven Important Reasons to Join dopay Today!

Welcome to our blog series on the seven important reasons to join dopay today to start your smart journey to a cashless payroll. This blog features Reason #4.

Join dopay today – Reason #4 Your team can pick their dopay cards up from our store. (Or we can deliver to you!)

As a business owner or senior decision maker, you know that speed of service, convenience and a hassle-free experience are all ways to develop strong customer relationships, loyalty and repeat business. Now, with dopay for business, you can transfer all those advantages to your employees, to help build their loyalty and productivity.

As an example of how we are making the journey to using dopay hassle-free, look at how we offer a smooth and easy way for your employees to get hold of their dopay cards.

If your business is based in Cairo, every member of your team with a dopay card can pick it up from our store during business hours. Or you can choose to have dopay cards delivered to your premises anywhere in Egypt, free of charge and at a time that suits you.

The card handover process is quick and easy too. We bring the proof of delivery and user agreement. Each card user simply needs to have their ID ready. So, we save you time and effort. And we create convenience for your employees.

Find out more about how dopay can help drive your business success at or click the link to get in touch with us and start your journey to handling your payroll the smart way. The dopay way!

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