Seven Important Reasons to Join dopay: The Fastest Way to Open A Cashless Payroll

In our first blog in the series, we looked at all seven of the important reasons to join dopay today to start your smart journey to a cashless payroll. Now we’re looking in more detail at Reason #1.

Join dopay today – Reason #1. The fastest way to open a cashless payroll.

The advantages of a cashless payroll include speed, simplicity and a great payments experience for all your employees and beneficiaries. But you want your journey to cashless to be as smooth and fast as the service itself.

It takes just one day to get dopay.

Your bank will very likely take a month, or longer, to open a cashless payroll account. We can usually do it in just 24 hours. That’s our dopay promise, as long as you have the correct official paperwork. This includes tax and company registration details. Our onboarding is very quick and easy and we take care of the whole process. Normally, your business will be onboarded and you will have a fully working dopay for business cashless payroll account within just one working day.

As soon as your account is working, you will be able to transfer funds into it and then use it to pay onboarded employees and beneficiaries immediately. It really is fast and easy.

It’s easy and quick to put each employee on dopay.

You want to put a new team member on your dopay payroll? No problem. Here are the simple steps:

  • Give us the employee’s name, job title, mobile phone number and a copy of their official ID. You can do this through our Web app. Or the employee can upload their ID using their own mobile devices.
  • We take care of the rest of the process, including document validation and onboarding.
  • When ID is confirmed, each employee is onboarded onto the platform – typically within 12 working hours.
  • You can then start paying them immediately, loading their wages onto their personal prepaid dopay card.
  • They can access their money immediately from ATMs using their dopay card, or they can use it to make purchases from any Mastercard retailer.

Enjoy the dopay advantage immediately!

As an employer, from the moment you pay your team the dopay way, you also start enjoying the dopay advantage. You don’t have to handle cash, so you don’t have the hassle of getting it from the bank. You know precisely when your employees will be paid, and you have clear proof of payment. Your team have the confidence that comes from an instant and easy payment that’s timely and reliable. And they have the convenience and prestige that comes from using a dopay card backed by Mastercard.

So, you can see that dopay really is the smart way to pay all your employees and other beneficiaries.

(To find out more, go to or click the link to get in touch with us and start your journey to handling your payroll the smart way. The dopay way!

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