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It’s time to pay your team the dopay way.

Experience Smart, Cutting-Edge, and Instant payroll payment.
Swift, hassle-free, and cashless payroll transfer.
Manage employees and contractors with dopay for business, the smart way.
Open staff accounts in just a few days.
Fast delivery of dopay cards, free.

Sign up stress-free
No need to open a new bank account.
Onboard quickly
Put team members on the system in a few clicks.
Manage payments easily
And do it 24/7/365. Single or bulk payments, you choose.

Dopay is THE smart cashless payroll choice for your business.

Why? Because you can open accounts for every member of your team, with their smart new dopay cards delivered right away. You can pay them 24/7/365. There is no need for you to open another bank account: just use your existing account at any bank. Start now!

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And dopay is THE smart cashless payroll option for your employees.

Why? Because their dopay card gives them a world of options. Withdraw wages from any ATM, any time they like. Or make cashless purchases from any shop accepting Mastercard.

Make their wages worth more to your employees. Without increasing them! Dopay for business makes your employees’ wages worth more than money alone. The Choice, Convenience and Prestige of our cards turns wage packets into personal accounts and powerful motivators.

Pay your team the dopay way. Starting today.

Onboard Your Company in One Day
Onboarding your company to the dopay for business platform is smooth and easy. Our Customer Success Team helps collect documentation, link your existing bank account, and complete user set-up.
Move Funds to Your Business Account
Transfer funds to cover your payroll from your chosen existing bank account. Get automatic confirmation and see your account balance. There are no delays and no charges.
Onboard People Fast and Easily
Adding new team members? No problem. Our end-to-end identity check is seamless, digitized and fast. Employees upload their ID. We onboard them and they’re ready for electronic payment.
Keep Track of Team Changes
Employees leaving the team? You can take them off the system the moment you want. You can also suspend payments to any payee if you need, then reinstate them later.
Pay Your Team Any Time
There are no set banking hours with dopay. Choose when you want to pay employees and do it in seconds. Whenever you want. Including evenings, weekends and holiday periods.
Stay in Control. Always
With dopay for business you stay in control of your cashless payroll. You can track all payments and their current status on the system, and print any payment record easily.

Your business.
Your cashless payroll.
With dopay for business YOU are in control. Always.

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We had very specific requirements for paying our people. dopay went all the way to make that happen for us.”
Working with dopay is a no-brainer. They solved our payroll challenges by providing us with an easy way to onboard and pay our beneficiaries.”

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Dedicated support for your business.
And for your team.

Here for your business with your own dedicated Customer Success Manager. Here for your team with our friendly 24/7 dopay Card Users’ Helpline.

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