Remove cash from your payroll with dopay

The easy payroll solution that makes everyone’s life better.

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Easier payments. Better lives.

The easy payroll solution that makes everyone's life better.

In tomorrow’s economies being paid into an account is the new norm. But what if your employees don’t have an account?  There are 2 billion people that have jobs, but no bank account. In a country like Egypt for instance, only 3% of the adults get their salary paid in an account. With dopay all your workers can be paid electronically, while empowering them with access to financial services at the same time.

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Removing cash from the payroll process

How it works

With dopay, cash payments are a thing of the past. Even your employees without bank accounts can now be paid electronically with our seamless 3 part solution.

A payroll platform

dopay simplifies and streamlines your payroll process. From calculating salaries and submitting government forms to making payments to your staff, dopay’s cloud-based solution makes managing payroll child’s play.

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An account with a debit card

With dopay, your employees receive their salary in an account that comes with a debit card. They can use their card to make cash withdrawals at any ATM and pay with their card in any store that accepts VISA.

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A mobile app

The dopay app lets your employees manage their day-to-day finances in real-time. With the app, they can access their balance, make transactions, charge their prepaid mobile phone cards and send money. The app works on any type of smartphone.

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dopay is powered by two of the world’s most renowned financial institutions.

Easier payments. Better lives.

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