Our solution for your employees

dopay empowers your employees to stabilise their financial situation and realise their dreams.

Your employees can manage their own financials with the dopay mobile app.

Life-changing technology

With dopay, your employees can unlock possibilities previously reserved for those with bank accounts. Besides managing their daily finances, they have access to savings plans, micro loans and investment opportunities that give them the chance to grow in prosperity.

Access to more

dopay gives your employees instant access to their finances and long-term opportunities to stabilise their financial situation. With dopay, you provide your employees with the means to thrive, which in turn will make your business thrive as well.

24/7 Customer support

When using dopay, you can count on round the clock assistance from our support team. dopay card users can contact our dedicated customer call centre anytime.

dopay empowers your unbanked employees with access to financial services.

The dopay card is your employees secure key to their cash

Free ATM access

With the dopay card employees can withdraw money from any ATM without charges 3 times a month. So they can withdraw the cash they need that moment and leave the remaining money they don’t need securely in their account.

Pay for purchases in store

They can pay for purchases directly with their dopay card in the thousands of stores that accept VISA.

Online purchases

With the dopay card, employees can make purchases online.

Easier payments. Better lives.

Experience first-hand how dopay can streamline your operations and help your business grow. Contact us for a demo now.