For your business.

Payroll platform

dopay simplifies and streamlines the chores of payroll calculation, administration and disbursement.

Paying your employees has never been easier. All your workers, banked or unbanked, can now be paid electronically.

All electronic, no cash

With dopay you can pay all your employees electronically. Without the hassle of managing cash in your disbursement process, you can focus all your attention on running and building your business.

A cost-saving formula

A cashless payroll system significantly reduces costs. Personnel costs, security costs, costs associated with avoiding fraud, bank fees and transportation costs are all dramatically lower or even non-existent by using dopay.

Total simplicity

Dopay offers state-of-the-art payroll features. Always in compliance with local and statutory regulations and tax requirements, the dopay platform is easy to use and requires no technological knowledge.

24/7 Customer support

When using dopay, you can count on assistance whenever you need it from our support team. dopay card users can contact our dedicated customer call centre anytime.

All our features

Easy employee onboarding

Our set up walks you carefully through every step required to onboard your employees.

Expert customer care

Our customer care is always there to help you out, and we never charge extra for it.


We support multiple languages including English and Arabic.

New hire and leaver reporting

We generate the reports for new hires and leavers and automatically file it with the government.

Payroll slips

Payroll slips are automatically emailed to your employees if you wish.

Payroll disbursement

Pay all your employees, banked or unbanked, electronically with the push of a button.

Multi-bank solution

Pay your employees in the bank account (or mobile wallet) of their preference.

Cloud-based (100% online)

Our product is cloud-based, so no investment in hardware or software; you only need a web browser.

Bonus, overtime & reimbursements

Pay your employee’s bonuses, overtime and reimbursements at the same time you run your payroll.

Bulk upload & update

Upload or update data through Excel to speed up data entry.

Multiple contracts

We support permanent and temporary employees, hourly and salaries workers as well as contractors.

Cost units & centers

You can organize your employees and contractors into cost units and centers for easy management and reporting.

Detailed payroll reports

We generate detailed reports for payroll history, bank transactions, tax payments and more.

Automatic reconciliation

We generate monthly, quarterly and annual reconciliation reports.


You can provide loans and deduct loan repayments automatically from the monthly salary.

Tax & social insurance calculation

We automatically calculate your payroll tax and social insurance compliant with the tax and labors laws and generate the forms for the relevant authorities.

dopay account

For your bankless employees, we open a dopay account that comes with a debit card and mobile app, so you can remove cash completely from your payroll process and empower your employees at the same time.

Tailored for your country

We have people on the ground in each country so we can provide a product relevant to your needs.

Easier payments. Better lives.

Experience first-hand how dopay can streamline your operations and help your business grow. Contact us for a demo now.