Removing cash from the payroll process

How it works

Our solution makes cash payments a thing of the past. Now even your employees without a bank account can be paid electronically, saving you the hassle of having to manage large amounts of cash.

The dopay promise is that we simplify payroll management and disbursement, whilst empowering all your employees with financial services they never had before.

dopay's payroll solution comes in two parts

Our payroll solution for you

A payroll platform that simplifies and streamlines the chores of payroll calculation, administration and disbursement.

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Our payment solution for your employees

Empower your employees with financial services that will enrich their lives.

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dopay is powered by two of the world’s most renowned financial institutions.

Easier payments. Better lives.

Experience first-hand how dopay can streamline your operations and help your business grow. Contact us for a demo now.